Tips For Keeping Your Grow Room Warm This Winter

Although we’ve had a relatively mild autumn this year, ambient temperatures are now starting to drop, especially at night, as we head towards the grip of winter and every indoor gardener will be looking for ways to keep grow room temperatures at the optimum level of 25-28c during lights on and 18-21c while lights are […]

How much air in my grow room ?

Fans, Air Movement, Humidity and Temperatures Introduction The Growing Environment The most overlooked environmental factor affecting plant growth inside a growing environment or growing structure is airflow. Getting just the right degree of air movement across a leaf surface is vital to good production and yields and can mean the difference between high rates of […]

How to Make Clones

How to make Clones   The art of cloning plants could be the most useful of all ‘indoor’ techniques. Cloning allows growers to make the most of every female plant and it’s a skill that anyone can master with a little practice. Outdoor growers who clone their plants are able to identify gender early in […]

Growing and Selling Hydroponically Grown Herbs -Hydroponic Herbs

Growing herbs for sale can be both fun and very profitable when grown using a hydroponics system or unit. Growing herbs in a hydroponic system is much faster than growing them in soil. The rule of thumb is that herbs such as basil, cilantro, oregano, etc., will grow three times faster than in soil and […]

Hydroponic Tomato Growing

Hydroponic Tomato Growing There are 3 hydroponic growing systems suitable for the hydroponic growing of tomato plants. Initially, the ebb-and-flow method (or modifications of the technique) was the method in use from the late 1930s into the 1970s. In the mid-1970s, Allan Cooper introduced his nutrient film technique (NFT) that substantially changed the basic concept […]

How To Choose the Right Grow Light

How To Choose the Right Grow Light Whether you’re propagating tabletop lettuce or a batch of the sticky ickies, window sills just won’t cut it. You need yourself a proper lighting rig to get the most of your indoor garden. Here’s what you need to know. Image: aleks labuda Lighting Basics Plants eat sunlight, converting the solar energy to […]

DWC (Deep Water Culture) Questions and Answers

DWC (Deep Water Culture) Questions and Answers Hydroponics, in its purest form, is also referred to as Deep Water Culture or DWC for short. No substrate growing media is required. The plants’ roots literally dangle straight into water. Now, for those of you who have been continually warned about over-watering plants, this may seem a […]

Difference between hydroponic, organic, and "regular" fertilizers?

  Base fertilizers must contain the three major macro nutrients: these are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The difference in hydroponic/regular fertilizers is that they contain a perfect balance of all the essential macro and micro-nutrients which fertilizers intended for use with soil do not have. Hydroponic and Regular fertilizers tend to be extremely refined and […]

Our newly completed tunnel

Hydro Herb Africa Tunnel

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