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Clip on Led grow light 2 Head


★ High Brightness 20W LED plant lamp helps to accelerate the growth of different plants for all stages. The 6pcs Red LEDs are best for flowering and fruits. And the 4pcs Blue LED are Best for Promoting Stem and leaf growth.
★ 360 ° rotatable adjustable arm, you can easily turn in any direction and adjust the distance between the lamp and the sump.

1. Source Efficiency: 20W (10PcsX2W High Brightness LED Chip)
Drive Efficiency: 15V1A , Safe voltage,Super Energy Saving, Electricity Savings Cost!
2. LED Color: Red (620-630nm 6pcs) ; Blue(460nm 4pcs)
3. Body material: Aluminum lamp cup + Metal Hose + Metal clip

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Clonex Rooting Hormone 50ml

  • It seals cut tissue instantly, eliminating the risk of infection or embolism.
  • It contains rooting hormone at 3,300 parts per million, the full strength required for explosive root development.
  • It is a gel – far safer than liquids or powders because it cannot splash or blow about. Unlike liquids and powders, CLONEX will remain in
  • contact with the stem right through the rooting period.
  • It does not wash off when plants are watered.
  • It works with partner products ROOT RIOT and CLONEX MIST to give young plants the healthiest and most powerful start in life.

Grodan Delta 150mm³ Rockwool Cube


The Grodan 6″ cube sometimes refered to as a Hugo Block . The cubes are a sterile hydroponic growing medium with a pre cut 1.5″ hole to hold the seedling or cutting you are repotting. Some growers will use the use the cubes till roots show out pf the bottom and then re-pot into a larger pot or system. Other growers growing small to medium sized plants will use the 6″ cube to house their plants until harvest. The Grodan cubes need to be conditioned or soaked before planting. See BELOW for a great video on how to condition different sizes of cubes.

  • Suitable for flower and vegetable propagation
  • Control range 55 – 80%

Digital USB Microscope

  • Adjustable 10 to 300X magnification
  • Image sensor resolution up to 5MP
  • Focus range 10 to 500mm
  • Adjustable lighting by white LED’s
  • Snapshot (JPEG) or video capture to PC
  • Powered by 5VDC from USB port
  • Software Windows and MAC compatible
  • Supplied c/w USB cable, software and support stand

LCD Digital USB Microscope

  • 3.5” TFT colour LCD monitor
  • Adjustable up to 500X magnification (1200X digital zoom)
  • Image sensor resolution up to 5MP
  • Focus range 10 to 50mm
  • Adjustable lighting by white LED’s
  • Snapshot (JPEG) or video capture to PC or SD card (not included)
  • SD card slot, USB and TV outputs
  • Software Windows and MAC compatible
  • Size:  L149 x W104 x H227 mm (1100g)
  • C/w charger, battery, USB cable, ruler, software and manual

Walk-in Growtent/greenhouse


Dimensions: 1420mm x 1420mm x 1920mm (h)

Protects delicate Plants from frost
• No Tools required.
• Simple assembly.
• Indoor or outdoor use.
• A removable, polypropylene reinforced UV stablised Polythene plastic cover.
• Roll-up zippered front panel retains solar energy to bolster growth.
• Sturdy, tubular steel frame offers plenty of support.
• For use on the deck, patio or balcony.

Micro-Tip Pruning Snips


Micro-Tip Pruning Snips

From the razor-sharp blades , Micro-Tip Pruning Snip has packed superb performance into a tiny package. Theres even a blade cover to protect you and the blades on those rare occasions when youre not putting this snip to good use.

  • Easy-open spring action reduces hand stress while cutting
  • Super sharp, micro-tip blades give you top-of-the-line precision and control
  • Fully hardened stainless steel blades holds sharp edge longer
  • Ambidextrous lock
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T8 steel clone light 2ft


T8 steel clone light 2ft

  • Electronic Ballast
  • V-shaped louvre grill
  • 3 x 18watt lamps
  • size (mm) 660 x 425 x 68 2FT

Excluding Lamps

T8 Cloning Light 4ft


T8 steel clone light 4ft

  • Electronic Ballast
  • V-shaped louvre grill
  • 2 x 36 watt lamps
  • size (mm) 1250 x 303 x 68 2FT

Excluding Lamps

T8 fluorescent lamps


T8 2ft lamps CW

  • Colour temp 4000k (cool white)
  • Type T8
  • Length 563mm
  • Watts 18
  • Lumens 1200

T8 2ft lamps DL

  • Colour temp 6500k (Day Light)
  • Type T8
  • Length 563mm
  • Watts 18
  • Lumens 1200

T8 4ft Lamps CW

  • Colour temp 4000k (cool white)
  • Type T8
  • Length 1163mm
  • Watts 36
  • Lumens 2600

T8 4ft Lamps DL

  • Colour temp 6500k (Day Light)
  • Type T5
  • Length 1163mm
  • Watts 36
  • Lumens 2600

Dynaroot No 2


Rooting hormones are available in powder and liquid form to the horticultural industry for the propagation of plants.

These rooting hormones are used extensively for the propagation of plants for ornamental use in gardens and landscaping, as well as commercially for the propagation of fruit trees.

Dynaroot hormone powder is used for the rapid stimulation of cuttings and has proven itself in many trials

Rock Wool


Rockwool products can hold large quantities of water and air that aid root growth and nutrient uptake in hydroponics; their fibrous nature also provides a good mechanical q`rucTure |o hold txe rl!np;stqjme.!0D%A%0L
Pdug 61 x 40 x 40-m
x50D%0@Medum 7.5 x!C2%Q07.5 x 6.5cm

Large 10 x 10 x 6.5cm

Extra Large 15 x 15 x 15cm

Kelpak 500ml


Kelpak, derived from the seaweed species Ecklonia Maxima (Kelp), is a natural and unique source of Auxins and Cytokinins, a group of plant growth bioregulators that have been proven to have a number of beneficial physiological effects on plants.

Rooting hormone gel


Root Gel cloning solution propagation cutting vitamin hormone

Product Information

Give your cuttings a strong start with Root-Gel. Its patented combination of vitamins and hormones works to simultaneously protect and nourish cuttings while promoting vigorous root growth. Root-Gel forms a protective seal around the treated area, which acts as an artificial root system while the cutting grows.

50ml Vitamin-hormone gel formulated for the propagation of cuttings. Root-Gel contains IBA, NAA, and vitamin B-1 in a water soluble form, plus just the right amount of essential minerals.Product may differ from image.Rooting hormone gel is great for making clones and taking cuttings from existing plants you have .