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IMF Centrifugal fan



The Mixvent Series is a very compact design of mixed-flow fans that is part of a very flexible system designed specifically for use in homes, hotels and apartments etc., as well as for hot and cold air transfer from one room to another.

The casings of the 1300/250 and 2000/315 models are of epoxy coated steel; other sizes are of reinforced injection moulded plastic. All units are provided with an integral mounting foot. Impellers are of injection moulded plastic/steel and of mixed-flow design.

Type – 2-speed. Models 160-350 are shaded pole; 500 and above are squirrel cage induction motor.
Electricity supply – 220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz.
Bearings – sleeve up to size 350/125 and ball for all other models. Speed-controllable using VA type speed controller in high speed only.

Internal Thermal Protection
By fuse to size 350/125 and auto-reset for the remainder.

Air flow to BS848:Part 1, 1980 Noise to BS848:Part 2, 1985

Special Features
The fans can be removed without disturbing the connecting ductwork via specially designed support brackets and a 2-speed switch can be supplied that suits all models. In addition to being used as single-stage fans the Mixvent range can be arranged in parallel, in series or in both parallel and series. Such flexibility enables higher air flow and pressure demands to be met. Refer to AMS representative for details.





Technical Data

Technical Data
Technical Data

Suggested Specifications

The In-line fans shall be of the Mixvent Series as supplied by AMS. Impellers shall be of mixed flow design and driven by 2-speed single-phase motors with integral thermal protection.

Sound Data



Y pieces have equal sized inlets and outlets. Made from galvanised steel.

Industrial Fan's


Wall Mounted Fan 3 Speed

SIZE: 500MM,600MM and 750MM
POWER: 97W,160W and 175W​
FLOW RATE: 5700m/hr,  7500m/hr , 12500m/hr

Pedastal Mounted Fan 3 Speed

SIZE: 500MM,600MM and 750MM
POWER: 97W,160W and 175W​
FLOW RATE: 5700m/hr,  7500m/hr , 12500m/h



Reducer 6” (150mm) – 4” (100mm)

These Reducers are made for when you have larger fans which you want to connect to a smaller ducting.

Downsizing a 6”- 4” (150mm-100mm)

Reducer 8” (200mm) – 6” (150mm)

These Reducers are made for when you have larger fans which you want to connect to a smaller ducting.

Downsizing an 8”- 6” (200mm-150mm)

STC 1000 Temp Controller



Main Functions :

  • Unit does heating and cooling.
  • Comes with temperature probe.
  • Alarm when temperature exceeds the set limit.

Specifications and Size :

  • Front Panel Size : 75mm(L) x 34.5mm(W)
  • Product Size : 75mm x 34.5mm x 85mm
  • Mounting Size : 71mm(L) x 29mm(W)
  • Sensor Length : 2m (including the probe)

Technical Parameters :

  • Range : -50°C to 99°C
  • Accuracy : +/- 1°C (-50°C to 70°C)
  • Power Supply : 220 V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Sensor : NTC sensor (1pc)
  • Ambient Temp : 0°C to 60°C
  • Relative Humidity : 20 – 85%
  • Resolution : 0.1°C
  • Sensor Error Delay : 1 minute
  • Power consumption : <3W
  • Relay contact capacity : Cool(20 A/ 250 V AC) Heat (10 A/ 250 V AC)
  • Storage : -30°C to 75°C

Acoustic Ducting


Acoustic Ducting 10 meter

Offering a more cost-effective and flexible alternative than silencers, Acoustic Ducting is used to reduce the noise made by ventilation fans in growrooms and industrial areas.

It's made from a perforated inner core that's identical to our Standard Ducting but with lots of small holes punched in it – this is then wrapped in a layer of glass-fibre and sealed by another layer of aluminium foil. As the air travels down the inner core the sound is let out through the holes into the glass-fibre, which deadens the sound.

In practice it reduces the noise of a fan by around 60%-80%, and is almost always used with fans of 150mm and above although all sizes of fans benefit from it's use.

TD-Silent series fans


The Silent Series is a low profile mixed-flow in-line fan that produces low noise when in operation. It does this through a specifically designed perforated internal skin that directs sound waves produced inside the fan to a layer of sound absorbent material. It is particularly suitable for projects such as apartments, hotels and offices where noise can be an issue.

Casings are manufactured from reinforced injection moulded polypropelene plastic. All units are provided with an integral mounting foot that remains in place if removing the fan body.

Type – 2 speed, squirrel cage induction motor.
Electricity supply – 220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz
Electricity supply – 220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz
Speed controllable using VA type speed controller in high speed only.

Internal Thermal Protection
Manual-reset thermal overload protection device in accordance with mandatory requirement for in-line duct fans.

Special Features
The fan body can be removed from the support bracket and mounting foot without disturbing the connecting ductwork by releasing the quick release plastic straps. Vibration absorbing elements are integrated into the advanced composite body design. 360° rotating junction box makes connection to power easier in tight spaces.


  • low speed 140 m3/hr  dB 21
  • high speed 180 m3/hr dB 24


  • low speed 430 m3/hr dB 17
  • high speed 580 m3/hr dB 22


  • low speed 700 m3/hr dB 18
  • high speed 880 m3/hr dB 19



Centrifugal Fans


The HIT Series of duct mounted centrifugal in-line fans is suited to a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply air applications, such as toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, restaurants and equipment cooling. All models are designed for direct connection to standard diameter circular ducting and comes standard with manufacturing.


Corrosion resistant pressed galvanised sheet steel body with backward-curved centrifugal impeller .
Electrical terminal on flying lead.


Type – external rotor, squirrel cage induction motor. Electrical supply
– 220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz.
– 60Hz available upon request. Bearings – sealed for life, ball.
Speed – controllable with 2-speed switch available for Hi/Lo speed operation .
Motor – IP44 Protection.

Internal Thermal Protection
Auto-reset thermal protection is supplied as standard on all units.

Special Features

Can be mounted on any angle.
Suitable for ducting on intake and/or discharge side and for supply or exhaust applications


  • low speed 158 m3/hr dB 42
  • medium speed 194 m3/hr dB 44
  • high speed 219 m3/hr dB 46


  • low speed 324 m3/hr dB 37
  • medium speed 403 m3/hr dB 43
  • high speed 464 m3/hr dB 47


  • low speed 680 m3/hr dB 42
  • medium speed 792 m3/hr dB 47
  • high speed 914 m3/hr dB 51


  • low speed 680 m3/hr dB 41
  • medium speed 867 m3/hr dB 46
  • high speed 1119 m3/hr dB 52


  • low speed 1616 m3/hr dB 51
  • medium speed 1746 m3/hr dB 53
  • high speed 1861 m3/hr dB 56

Aluminium Flexible Fan Ducting


Aluminum Air Ducting

10 meters long

Ducting is specifically engineered to handle unconditioned air. It can withstand high heat, high humidity and excessive CFM’s without any duct failure or fatigue. Features a triple laminate with industrial grade foil casing for durability, and an ultra-smooth double sealed core for frictionless and silent air flow. “Rip-stop” prevents tearing, galvanized spring steel maintains duct shape and prevents rust.