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3-Part Starter Pack


Get all the power of our 3 part hydroponic nutrient solution for everything your plants need from seed to harvest. Suitable for beginners and master growers too


This pack includes:

Advanced Grow – 1 Litre

Advanced Bloom – 1 Litre

Advanced Micro – 1 Litre

Advanced BLOOM


The Flowering stage is the productive part of a plant’s life. Advanced BLOOM is a “superfood” for flower production. Advanced BLOOM assures that you plants will receive the correct balance of nutrients to encourage the optimum growth of superior quality flowers.

During the vegetative stage, Advanced BLOOM increases root construction and improves general well-being. Throughout flowering and fruiting it enables the plant to achieve its genetic potential to the maximum.

NPK – 5:25:46

Approved by the Department of Agriculture – Reg No. B5620

Advanced CarBoPump


Advanced CarBoPump is a perfect blend of Amino’s and fulvic Acids. It improves the plants ability to absorb nutrients, promotes increased uptake resulting in substantially higher yields

Advanced CarBoPump is our exclusive blend of complex carbohydrates and fulvic acids which enhance and promote increased uptake of nutrients during all periods of plant development. Fulvic Acid combined with Amino acids support beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone, chelating the nutrients thus promoting and increasing the nutrient uptake and micro flora levels.

Can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.

Advanced CardioPump

Advanced CardioPump is a remarkable formula made from multiple seaweed extracts, including Betaine. This uniquie compound relieves stress threw out the plants lifecycle. Advanced CardioPump, together with our Bloom, Grow and Micro are precisely formulated to support a flourishing garden.
It can be used during in all stages of growth Propagation: Promotes robust root development and supports the reduction of transplant shock. Vegetative Cycle: Supports the production and generates new shoots and appendages. Flowering Cycle: Promotes nutrient uptake CardioPump can be used as an additive or foliar spray.

Advanced GROW


Advanced GROW is the crucial food for crop production during the early and vegetative stages.

Advanced GROW builds a strong structural foundation enhancing vegetative growth during the 18 hour light cycle. Grow includes high NPK and minerals, designed for optimal intake. Grow is the first step in the Advanced 3 step solution.

Follow the feeding table correctly to ensure extraordinary quality result. Leading toward vigorous plants with lavish flower and fruits

Promotes lush structural and foliar growth.

NPK – 20:17:58

Approved by the Department of Agriculture – Reg No. B5619

Advanced MICRO


Advanced MICRO is the top-secret to triumph, supporting the crop during it’s complete life cycle. Advanced MICRO is composed of chelated micro elements and macro elements in combination with exceptional pH buffers, crucial for stabilizing pH values.

Advanced MICRO provides extra power and stability for growth and support.

Advanced MICRO is suitable for all types of water and soils / soilless mix.

NPK – 56:0:50

Approved by the Department of Agriculture – Reg No. K10687

Advanced PhenoPump


Advanced PhenoPump boosts the formation of chlorophyll B and Photosynthesis. Advanced PhenoPump “tricks” the plant into seeing more blue light, increasing the production of flowers. Advanced PhenoPump stimulates the production of essential oils and terpenes, increasing potency. This amazing product resolves problems with many plant ailments and pests.

Advanced PhenoPump can be added to your Bloom, Grow and Micro solution every two weeks during the entire veg stage and the first 4 weeks of flowering.