Grow Tent 120 x 70 x 165cm


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Approximate size: 120 x 70  x 165cm

•Good for vegetation and cloning
•A grow tent is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining. The frame supports up to 25kg of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment.
•Dimensions: 120cm x 70cm x 165cm
•Removable Waterproof tray in bottom.
•Strong, lightproof zipper
•Lightproof: Totally light proof when closed.
•Diamond Technology: The reflective layer greatly increases light intensity.
•The equipment support tubes can hold up to  (25kg) of accessories.
•Easy Assembly: Easy and quick to assemble, even for large sizes. Can be assembled by one person in a few minutes.
•No Odor, Washable: The material is washable inside and outside, so all odors can be removed.
•Portable, Light Weight: The material is light and compact, even for large sizes.